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Invariant Mass Window
Track Momenta Window
Canvas Window
Control Window
Part I – Single Tracks
Part II – Combinations of Tracks
Part III – Discover the Higgs particle

Track Momenta Window

In Track Momenta Window you can see the energies and momenta of all the tracks which you pick at a first step and insert for analysis.

Track Momenta Window buttons:

Load previous/next event button
Loads and displays the previous/next event if available.

Insert/delete track in Invariant Mass Window for analysis.

Enable Color Coding checkbox highlights each table row according to the particle type.

Track Momenta Window tabs:

Reconstructed tab

  • RecTracks tab. See all inner detector reconstructed tracks of current event plus all the muons tracks.
  • RecMuonTracks tab. See all reconstructed muons tracks in muon system of current event.

Simulated tab

  • Sim ID Tracks tab. See all inner detector simulated tracks of current event.
  • SimMuonTracks tab. See all simulated muons tracks in muon system of current event.
  • SimNeutralCollection tab. See all simulated neutral tracks of current event.

Physics Objects tab

  • JetCollection tab. See all jet physics objects. All physics objects are show as marks on the perimeter of the detector.
  • ElectronCollection tab. See all electron physics objects.
  • ObjectMuonCollection tab. See all muon physics objects.