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Invariant Mass Window
Track Momenta Window
Canvas Window
Control Window
Part I – Single Tracks
Part II – Combinations of Tracks
Part III – Discover the Higgs particle

Canvas Window

The display area window or Canvas is the place where HYPATIA draws events.

The Canvas has a user selectable shape with associated layout set. A layout set is a set of predefined subwindows within the selected shape. These subwindows are used to draw pictures and are called canvas pads. The user may select a shape via the Preferences->Layout menu option of the Menu of the Invariant Mass Window. The layout set of the selected shape is displayed in and controlled via the Window Control of the Control Window.

Each canvas pad has associated with it a projection (Control Window->Parameter Control->Projections), an interaction (Control Window->Interaction and Window Control) and a parameter set (Control Window->Parameter Control).