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Outreach Activities

Outreach Publications

  • D. Vudragovic, A. Balaz, A. Belic, C. Kourkoumelis, D. Fassouliotis and S. Vourakis: "Hybrid Pupil's Analysis Тооl for Interactions in ATLAS", Proceedings of MIPRO 2010
  • R. M. Barnett, K. E. Johansson, C. Kourkoumelis, L. Long, J. Pequenao, C. Reimers, and  P. Watkins, Learning with the ATLAS experiment at CERN, Physics Education 47 no. 1, (2012) 28.
  • Farid Ouid-Saada,International Particle Physics Masterclasses –Bringing LHC data into the Classroom. Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics,July 4-11, 2012, Melbourne, Australia
  • C. Kourkoumelis, How “Discover the COSMOS” and “PATHWAY” are changing the science education in European high schools, MPS Online Proceedings Library, Vol 1585, 17th July 2013, Cambridge Press
  • S Vourakis and C Kourkoumelis HY.P.A.T.I.A. – An Online Tool for ATLAS Event Visualization, Volos summer school 2013 proceedings
  • C. Kourkoumelis and S. Vourakis, HYPATIA an online tool for ATLAS event visualization, Physics Education 49, no. 1, (2014) 21.
  • Bugge, Magnar K., Gramstad, Eirik, Morisbak, Vanja, Ould-Saada, Farid, Pedersen, Maiken, and  Raddum, Silje H., ATLAS Masterclasses W and Z path physics and presentation of the Z path  measurement, ICNFP Kolympari 2013, EPJ Web of Conferences 71 (2014) 00024
  • C. Kourkoumelis, “How “Discover the COSMOS”, “PATHWAY”, “Go-Lab” and “Inspiring Science Education” are changing the science education in European high schools”, ICNFP Kolympari 2013, EPJ Web of Conferences 71, (2014) 00071
  • Stylianos Vourakis, Bringing high energy physics to the classroom with HY.P.A.T.I.A., ICNFP Kolympari 2013, EPJ Web of Conferences 71, (2014) 00137
  • C.Kourkoumelis and S.Vourakis, Introducing HEP to schools through educational scenaria, ICNFP 2014  Kolymbari, http://www.epj-conferences.org/articles/epjconf/pdf/2015/14/epjconf_icnfp2014_03021.pdf
  • Christine Kourkoumelis and Stylianos Vourakis on behalf of the ATLAS collaboration,  How the HYPATIA analysis tool is used as a hands-on experience to introduce HEP to high schools, Presented at the ICHEP 2014,Valencia, Spain, Valencia 2014, Nuclear Physics B Proceedings Supplement 00 (2014) 1–7 : 10.1016/j.nuclphysbps.2015.09.198
  • Stylianos Vourakis, Christine Kourkoumelis and Sofoklis Sotiriou, The interactive “HYPATIA” tool as a good practice science education resource of the “Go-Lab” FP7 European project, International Conference New Perspectives in Science Education, Florence 2015, to be published in proceedings
  • Christine Kourkoumelis, Stylianos Vourakis and George Vasileiadis, Involving students in HEP research with the help of the “Inspiring Science Education” and  “Go-lab” European outreach projects, EPS 2015 Vienna
  • Dimitris Fassouliotis, Christine Kourkoumelis, Stylianos Vourakis, Introducing HEP to university students through web based simple hands-on analysis,  4th ICNFP Kolympari 2015