Dimitris Fasouliotis

Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Athens

Date of birth 12/09/1965


Bachelor degree in electronic engineering, National Technical University of Athens
Postgraduate courses in Physics,  N.C.S.R  Democritos Athens, 1989-1990
Participation to the 3rd Hellenic school on Elementary Particle Physics, Corfu, Greece, summer 1989
Participation to the 42nd Scottish Universities Summer School in physics,
"High Energy Phenomenology", August 1993
Participation to the ICFA '95 School on "Instrumentation in Elementary Particle Physics", July 1995
Ph.D in particle physics, NTU Athens, April 1994


Professional activity
1989-1995, member of HEP group of National Technical Univ. of Athens
1993         , visiting member of HEP group of University of Liverpool
1995-1997, (Post-doctoral) member of HEP group of INFN Trieste
1997-1998, (Researcher rank 4) member of HEP group of NCSR Demokritos Athens
1998- 2003 Lecturer of HEP group of University of Athens
From 2003 Assistant Professor of HEP group of University of Athens


Educational activity
1990-1994,   Teaching laboratory undergraduate physics in NTUA
1995-1998, Informal tutor of undergraduate diploma and Ph.D theses at INFN Trieste and Demokritos
1998- today, University of Athens:

  • Continuous teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses of Theoretical and computational Physics as well as undergraduate laboratory courses.
  • Contribution to the proposal and development of three laboratory exercises of nuclear and particle physics.
  • Tutor of 6 undergraduate diploma theses, 4 MSc theses, and 2 PhD theses and participant in the committee of 10 MSc and PhD theses.

Research activity
From 1989, I participate continuously in the research activity in the field of experimental physics of elementary particles. First as a member of the DELPHI collaboration and from 1998 until today as a member of the ATLAS collaboration.
Concerning hardware and detector development, I have participated in the calibration and debugging of DELPHI Barrel RICH (Ring Imaging CHerenkov) electronics and the check of the data taking quality and slow-controls of the DELPHI experiment. I have participated, having serious commitments, in the construction and partial testing of 30000 drift tubes for the barrel inner chambers (BIS) of the muon spectrometer in the ATLAS experiment, as well as in their integration with services and the quality control of their operation before installation. I have also worked on the operational verification of the PMT blocks of the ATLAS Tile calorimeter. From 2007 I participate in the R&D program which investigates the upgrate of ATLAS muon spectrometer in the sLHC environment.  

Concerning software and physics analysis, I have essentially contributed in developing the necessary tools and elaborate statistical techniques for the extraction of precise electroweak results in the LEPII environment. Within this involvement, the understanding and development of minimization and multivariate techniques, discriminant analysis and neural networks was mandatory.  I have main contribution in producing physics results in Electroweak physics (Measurement of the mass and trillinear gauge couplings of the W boson through W pair production,  qqbar cross section measurement at √s > MZ, in e+e- collisions at LEP), Heavy quark physics (Measurement of the exclusive and inclusive J/y production in Z hadronic decays and b life time ), Hadronization (Strange baryon production and correlations  in Z  hadronic decays) and Searches (Search for leptoquarks and heavy stable particles in e+e- collisions at LEP).

Within the ATLAS collaboration, I am concentrated in the following topics:

  • Muon energy loss measurement
  • Search for new gauge bosons W’-> μν and Z’->μ+μ-
  • Η->ΖΖ*->4l
  • MSSM h/A/H->μ+μ-


Contributions to Workshops and Conferences
16 talks given at international conferences and workshops
Member of the local/international organizing committee of 4 international conferences/workshops


353 publications in international physics journals.
46 internal notes in DELPHI and ATLAS experiments.


Five recent publications
1.      CERN-OPEN-2008-020 The ATLAS Collaboration,  Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics, Lepton plus Missing Transverse Energy Signals at High Mass
2.      CERN-OPEN-2008-020 The ATLAS Collaboration, Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics, Dilepton Resonances at High Mass
3.      CERN-OPEN-2008-020 The ATLAS Collaboration, Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics, Search for the Standard Model H ->ZZ->4l
4.      CERN-OPEN-2008-020 The ATLAS Collaboration, Expected Performance of the ATLAS Experiment - Detector, Trigger and Physics, Search for the Neutral MSSM Higgs Bosons in the Decay Channel A/H/h->μ+μ-
5.   ATL-PHYS-PUB-2010-007 The ATLAS Collaboration, ATLAS sensitivity prospects to W′ and Z′ in the decay channels W′->lnu and Z′->l+l- at sqrt(s)=7 TeV